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I’m back, baby!

George Costanza: "I'm back, baby!"

We recently rediscovered Seinfeld on Netflix and have bingeing on Jerry & the gang. It's easy to forget just how many cultural references we still use from the show. It’s fun to experience it again. Watching made me realize just how I’ve missed it. And I asked myself:

“Since I like Seinfeld so much, why haven't I been watching it?”

That question is awfully similar to what I kept asking myself over the last year:

“Since I like Corporate Storytelling and Innovation so much, why aren't I out doing them?”

There are some things I miss from previous roles. A lot. Like working on amazing projects with clients, international travel and having a lot of fun while doing good work with good people. I realized I am happiest when working at the intersection of innovation and corporate storytelling.

So I decided to start my own company. I licensed the Corporate Storytelling content from Articulus. And this week... Deliberate Consulting LLC officially launches.

My wife thinks I’m crazy (nothing new there) but I’m crazy excited because I:

  • believe in Corporate Storytelling (it works!)

  • get to help clients do amazing things in their innovation efforts

  • get to help others develop amazing messages to promote their ideas

  • get to reconnect with many of my old accounts

  • get to play with my old Articulus colleagues again

  • return to work I love

To paraphrase George Costanza:

"I’m back, baby!"

If you’re curious about the specifics take a look at and let me know what you think.


PS – Any resemblance I have to George Costanza is purely coincidental.

#Seinfeld #CrazyExcited #DoAmazingThings

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