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This is shaping up to be a great Halloween

Jack o'Lantern

Happy Halloween! This is my second-favorite holiday. And I'm crazy excited this year for two extra reasons:

  1. It's the birthday of a new friend: Florina. Or as we plan to call her: Spookie. Welcome to the world, kiddo. You're going to make a big mark!

  2. The Astros may well beat the Dodgers and win the World Series tonight. That would be a first for the team we've followed since we moved to Houston.

Okay. So why do I like Halloween? Let me count the ways:

  1. It's fun.

  2. It's irreverent.

  3. It requires some creativity.

  4. It's (generally) kid-friendly.

  5. It can cause some anxiety.

  6. It's the lead up to my favorite holiday.

These are qualities I enjoy in other aspects of life. And they go a long way in explaining why I'm in the business of storytelling and innovation. Both are:

  1. Fun.

  2. Often irreverent - humor and absurdity help break existing perspectives.

  3. Creative.

  4. (Generally) kid friendly - as in I (generally) don't say things in front of peers or clients that I wouldn't (or don't) say in front of my kid.

  5. Prone to generate some anxiety - either for me or my audience - as we explore new space.

  6. A way to lead to new and better future outcomes.

This also helps explain the linkage between storytelling and innovation.

I hope you enjoy this Halloween too.

Go 'Stros!

#CrazyExcited #Holiday

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