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This is why I'm thankful in 2017

Thanksgiving is here and I'm thankful. For a lot of things. Big things that stand out this year:

  • My girls - they're the best & the source of my motivation

  • My friends - it's been a busy year with health scares, job transitions (planned & unplanned), births, moves, losses, hurricanes - and I'm glad everyone is safe & sound

  • Deliberate Consulting - The new business is gaining traction. It's good to be back in corporate storytelling

  • The extended Articulus team - It's fun to work with Brian, Cheryl, Merv, Mike & Tom again and they've been really supportive of me and Deliberate

  • Cool weather in Houston - finally

  • The Astros - Thanks for a great season; it was a lot of fun to watch

  • Turkey - It's even rumored I'll get green bean casserole this year!

  • The technology that makes it so easy to find & share Seinfeld references

I hope you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.


PS - No Thanksgiving is complete without watching this important safety video. The amazing stuff starts at 0:25. Enjoy.

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