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Help me plan for a February event

Compass & Map. That's how people navigated before GPS & map apps.

I need your input.

There are 3 or 4 days available for a training event the week of 5 February in Houston. What should I offer?

It can be one or a combination of the following:

  • Articulus Corporate Storytelling Workshop (CSW) The classic workshop plus one advanced module 3.0 Days

  • Articulus Corporate Storytelling Workshop (CSW) The classic workshop - out early on last day to ease travel 2.5 Days

  • Advanced Corporate Storytelling Skills Seminar Only for graduates of the CSW 1.0 Day

  • Compelling Evidence Seminar Hands-on event to develop & deliver compelling evidence 0.5 Day

  • Professional Presence Seminar Introduction to planning & delivering a persuasive message 0.5 Day

  • Supporting your Corporate Storytellers Seminar How to coach your team after you send them to the CSW 0.5 Day

What are you most interested in attending - or sending someone to? I'll use feedback to pick the right schedule. Send me a note or post a comment.



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