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Quit hiding behind your presentation shield. Your audience needs to see you.

Hiding behind a shield

Two thousand years ago, it would have been tempting to hide behind your shield until danger passed.

But that doesn't win battles. And who wants to follow the guy hiding behind his shield?

Fast forward to today. In business, it can feel like we're at war.

Particularly when we're speaking in front of the room or on a stage. We can often feel the danger.

And of lot of presenters tend to hide behind their shield (AKA The Podium) until that danger passes.

Hiding behind a podium.

But that doesn't help us win the presentation battles we're waging today, where the stakes are sales, engagement, transformational change.

And who wants to follow the guy or gal that looks like they are hiding behind a podium?

Research shows a great deal of our message meaning is conveyed through our body language. More to the point, our body language must be aligned with our message.

That means your audience needs to see you. Not just see your head.

So even if there is a podium there for you to use... get out from behind it as soon and as much as you can. Let them see you - all of you. It will help you make a connection and show some confidence. It will help them believe you and your message.

I promise you won't get hit by slings or arrows.

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