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Free Message Coaching Event (Texas - Feb)

We have some free time coming up in February... what better way to use it than helping an organization prepare a high-stakes presentation?

We are going to limit this first event to our own backyard in the Great Republic of Texas.

If YOUR organization needs help with a critical upcoming message, SUBMIT A REQUEST, explain your needs, and you may be selected.

Here are the event guidelines:

Deliberate Consulting will:

  • select one or two organizations based on submissions

  • provide one day of message coaching at no cost to the selected organization(s)

Selected organization will:

  • provide the room/venue in Texas

  • provide a testimonial after the event

  • allow photographs of the event

Selected organization & Deliberate Consulting will confirm a mutually-agreed date for the event

Give us a shout if you have any questions. Good luck!

Preparing for Objections

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