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Symptom of a sick message strategy: Client says it makes sense but takes no action

Have you ever given a presentation where the client said "This makes sense"... but then they didn't make a decision or take action?

If so, you may be suffering from a sick message strategy.

Symptom: Client says this makes sense but takes no action

Why it's a problem:

  • Sale or decision process stalls or dies

  • Client has no sense of urgency

  • Frustration for the presentation team


  • The audience agrees it's a good idea or they would benefit from your topic

  • The audience defers or fails to follow through (buy your produce, act on recommendation, etc.

Potential cause(s):

  • No emotional trigger

  • Presentation focused on logic and information

  • Lack of an effective message strategy, specifically:

  • Failure to assess audience needs

  • Failure to include personal benefits of your topic

  • Lack of compelling evidence of need

  • Weak or missing call to action


  • Recognize the audience needs more than logic to make a decision

  • Build your messages around the needs of a specific audience

  • Create a sense of urgency through careful selection of insights, evidence, and benefits

  • Have a clear, actionable, and confident call to action

  • Use tools (like the Storyboard and the Message Strategy Exercise) to develop and execute your message strategy

  • Give me a shout - I'm always happy to discuss

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