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25 Pitch Observations

The pitch teams I work with often show common behaviors and share similar challenges. Many impact their pitch, reducing their odds of winning. If it affects them, it probably affects your team too.

So I posted a series of 25 videos on LI sharing observations, why it matters, and tips to improve.

There's a list of the observations with links to each video below to make it easier to consume.

Before you dive in, please take a quick survey if you're involved in pitching for large or strategic deals in your organization. It's quick (only 4 questions), doesn't collect your info, and won't put you in a sales funnel. It helps me gauge the market.

Introduction to the Pitch Observation series
Pitch Observation 1: Strategic context
Pitch Obs 3: Safe vs Memorable
Pitch Obs 5: Fixated on slides
Pitch Obs 8: Too many presenters
Pitch Obs 9: Diversity
Pitch Obs 10: Relevant content
Pitch Obs 11: Generic content
Pitch Obs 12: Overly dense slides
Pitch Obs 13: (Mis)Using creative
Pitch Obs 16: Lack of discipline
Pitch Obs 18: Coaching vs Training
Pitch Obs 20: Contingency planning
Pitch Obs 21: Breaks
Pitch Obs 22: Scripting
Pitch Obs 23: Parachute stakeholders
Pitch Obs 24: Managing Prima Donnas

Contact me at if your team is struggling with some of these challenges. I can help.

And please, take the survey. That would help me a lot.

Thanks, Kevin
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