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Message Consulting

Do you need help with a critical message NOW?

To be blunt: Some presentations and messages are more important than others. And too often, there's not a lot of time to get it right. If that's your situation, getting outside direction, insight, and coaching can help immensely.


When you don't have time for training, we can work with you to develop your specific message and then practice your delivery so it comes across with confidence and authenticity.

Messages like

  • High stakes presentations:

    • Critical sales presentations (pitches, deal coaching,  orals prep)

    • Conference presentations

    • Leadership / Change Management messaging

    • Curriculum packaging

    • Keynote speeches

  • Product / Program rollout

  • Defining core message or value propositions

  • Individual presenter / team coaching (authenticity, anxiety, body language, handoffs, Q&A, etc.)

How it works


This is highly tailored, high-touch consulting.


We walk you through a process to define your key message ingredients, prioritize and identify content, then practice delivery to increase confidence and wow your audience.


Defining your value proposition or packaging your curriculum uses a similar collaborative approach with deep discussion but no delivery practice.


Symptoms your high-stakes presentation needs help

  • Your presentation deck starts off talking about your company, product, or idea… and your client isn’t mentioned until Slide 6 (or 9 or 17)

  • Audiences say your presentations “make perfect sense”… but then they don’t buy your solution or follow through on your recommendations

  • You keep giving the same presentation over and over without advancing the sale or project

  • Someone in your audience asks about something you presented ten minutes earlier… because they simply don’t remember what you had to say

  • You have more slides than you have time to possibly present

  • The client describes your presentations as “death by PowerPoint”

  • Your pitch team sounds like a random assortment of presenters rather than a confident, cohesive team


Pricing is highly variable, depending on scope of request, volume of work, and location. Remote coaching is typically charged by the hour. On-site coaching is typically charged by the day or half-day plus any travel costs. Remote coaching (via web meeting or call) is typically charged by the hour. Rough estimate for budgeting starts at $5000 per day.

How to get help

Contact us. Together we will discuss your specific situation, determine if we have a good fit, and then agree on schedule and budget.

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