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FAQs: Innovation Consulting

What is Innovation Consulting?

Innovation consulting events are custom designed to strengthen your innovation and commercialization efforts. We start with discussion of your needs, opportunities, and challenges to determine where Deliberate Consulting can provide specific advice, tools, or approaches.


Depending on your specific needs, an engagement can take different forms and last from 4 hours to more than a week. Talk with us so we can explore your needs and jointly develop a timeframe, deliverables, and budget.

How do I know if Deliberate Consulting fits our needs?

Let’s talk! We don’t want to sell you a service that isn’t going to make you successful. If your need is outside our sweet spot, we’ll let you know (we may be able to connect you to a resource with a better fit!).


Can you help us find or develop more ideas?

Yes… but in our experience finding new ideas is rarely the primary challenge. The bigger issues are typically organizational culture, earning sponsorship, and systems to collect/assess/advance ideas.


How long does an innovation engagement take?

Depending on your specific needs, an engagement can take different forms and last from 4 hours to more than a week.


What deliverables will I receive from an innovation engagement?

It depends on the type of engagement, your needs, and the scope of work.


What do you mean by “commercialization”?

Everything involved in taking the new solution or idea to market.  It is rare for something truly innovative to be successful using existing infrastructure, behaviors, teams, or business models. Things to consider include training and development, new job roles, documentation, support structures, pricing models, channel partners, etc.


Non-commercial innovations (processes, non-profit solutions, restructuring) require a similar “path to success”.


Who should I talk to about a consulting engagement?
Contact us to discuss your needs and determine if we have a great fit for your specific situation.

How much lead time is required to set up a consulting engagement?
It depends on the type of engagement. Complex engagements can take several weeks to plan and execute.


How does Deliberate’s innovation consulting connect with Deliberate Messaging?

It doesn’t matter how good an idea or a strategy is if you can’t get others to act. Innovation efforts in particular are often “fuzzy” because they are trying to predict an uncertain future. To earn the necessary support and sponsorship, the innovation team needs to drive understanding, enthusiasm, and commitment. Commitment requires persuasive communication… and persuasion is at the core of a Deliberate Message.


But it isn’t just about the need to “sell” an idea. The ingredients of an effective message – insight, tailored value proposition, proof points – are also key ingredients needed to define a MVP, manage change, measure performance, or develop a path to commercialization.

Depending on your needs, we can combine an innovation event to develop your idea with a Deliberate Message Workshop to prepare a pitch to your leadership team.


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