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You should have a specific goal every time you present:

Win the sale.

Earn commitment for your recommendation.

Get that next meeting.

Approve the budget.

That requires persuading others to make decisions and take action. That's a different skillset and messaging style than the old book report format we all learned in Junior High School.

Our training events provide structure and best practices to develop and deliver memorable, authentic, persuasive messages.

Symptoms your team needs to improve their messaging skills

  • Their first step to create a new presentation is opening an existing PowerPoint deck

  • Their presentations aren't tailored to fit a specific audience and situation

  • Their presentation deck starts off talking about your company, product, or idea… and your client isn’t mentioned until Slide 6 (or 9 or 17)

  • Audiences say their presentations “make perfect sense”… but don’t buy your solution or follow through on your recommendations

  • They keep giving the same presentation over and over without advancing the sale or project

  • The audience asks about something presented ten minutes earlier… because they simply don’t remember what was said

  • Their presentations are described by audiences as “death by PowerPoint”

We have options to meet your specific needs:

  • Basic, intermediate, and advanced messaging skills

  • On-site or remote formats (on demand courses are coming soon)

  • Variety of deliberate messaging topics

  • Ability to tailor content and event specifically for your team

  • Or send individuals to a scheduled open enrollment event

Choosing the right option

Contact us. Let's discuss your goals, discuss the best fit for your team, and then agree on schedule & budget.

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