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FAQs: Message Consulting

What is Message Consulting?

Message consulting helps you prepare a specific message for delivery. Leveraging the science and methodology behind the Corporate Storytelling Workshop, this isn’t training – a consulting engagement is a guided exercise.


Depending on your specific needs, an engagement can take different forms and last from 4 hours to more than a week. Talk with us so we can jointly develop a timeframe, deliverables and budget.


Sample engagements:

  • Preparing your specific messages:

    • High stakes presentations

    • Critical sales presentation (pitch coaching / deal coaching / orals prep)

    • Product / Program rollout

    • Keynote / Kickoff

    • Leadership / Change management

  • Defining core message or value propositions

  • Curriculum design

  • Individual coaching

  • Keynote speech (on storytelling, messaging, change, authenticity, etc.)


How long does a message consulting engagement take?
It depends on the complexity of the message and the skills of the participants. Coaching an individual on a specific message may only take a few hours. We can facilitate the creation of a specific message in one day (face to face or virtually) if all of the presenters have attended a Corporate Storytelling Workshop. For a complex deal coaching engagement it may take 3-8 days to fully prepare the message and the team.

What if all my people are not trained as Corporate Storytellers?
We will work with your team if they have not been trained, but it typically takes more time to deliver the results. Trained individuals in the Corporate Storytelling methodology work more efficiently in message creation.

What is the deliverable from a message consulting event?
It depends on the event. Deliverables may include slides, scripts, practice time and coaching, a video example of the delivery, and prep materials for Q & A sessions. The specific deliverables will be documented in the statement of work.

What can you do in two hours?
A two hour live event should really be aimed at helping people recognize the need to change, not working on a specific message. We work with you to understand your specific outcomes and structure facilitation and content in an effort to achieve them. A message can be developed in two hours, but the right message might take longer.

Can you evaluate my people for persuasive communications?
Yes, we can observe individual presenters and assess them against a model for persuasive communication. We will report to you on the gap analysis with the current message delivery and the desired performance. Armed with this information we can create an execution plan for the purpose of developing persuasive communication skills in you or your team.

What type of consulting do you provide to help a team prepare for an important presentation?
Deliberate Consulting provides three types of consulting for critical presentations: message development, content development, and message presentation.


During message development we will work with the team, as needed, to develop specific messages. We can work with large groups (e.g. the entire pursuit team and supporting staff), small groups, or individuals.


During content development we will coach the presenters on the development of their materials. For example, if a PowerPoint presentation is being developed, we can help coach the developer to make sure the message is well communicated in the media.


During message delivery we will watch practice presentations (as many times as needed) and provide coaching. The coaching will include body-voice and message integrity (making sure the body and voice match the message), the effective use of communication media, and adapting the materials for the presenter's style.

What consultants do you use during the engagement?
Deliberate Consulting uses experienced coaches, instructors, and consultants that are Corporate Storytellers certified by our partner Articulus. To increase your return on investment, we try to match our consultants with the specific opportunity based on industry, organization and geography.

Who should I talk to about a consulting engagement?
Contact us to discuss your needs and determine if we are a great fit for your team and situation.

How much lead time is required to set up a consulting engagement?
If one of our consultants is available we can engage very quickly. Please note that Deliberate Consulting and our partner Articulus will not provide coaching to different clients competing on the same deal; in those rare situations it is ‘first come, first served’. Contact us to inquire about our availability.

Do you offer "pitch” or “deal” coaching"?
Yes. Deliberate Consulting prefers to train your organization to be Corporate Storytellers so you do not have to use our consulting services for a "pitch." Deliberate Consulting does "pitch consulting“ or “deal coaching” for very important presentations and for events for which there is not enough time for training.

What is the best time to engage Deliberate Consulting in the preparation for an important presentation?
We break presentation preparation into 3 parts: message development, content development, and message delivery practice. While Deliberate Consulting can coach during any or all of these preparation periods, it is best to engage us as early in message development as possible. If we engage early in message development, we can make sure the message, the supporting materials, and the message presentation are all aligned.

Is it better to use Deliberate Consulting for training or point-in-time consulting?
Do you want to learn how to fish on your own or do you want us to always be there to drive the boat, bait the hook and tell you what direction to cast your rod? Our training and consulting services are designed for different purposes. Training is designed to transfer the skill of Corporate Storytelling from Deliberate Consulting to the participants. Consulting is designed to apply Corporate Storytelling, not skill development.


If you want to use Corporate Storytelling and you have enough time for training, you should look at the Corporate Storytelling Workshop. If you need results now, consulting is right for you.


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