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ROI Calculator - HSPK

Estimate your Return on Investment (ROI) when using a High Stakes Pitch Kit

ROI Calculator - HSPK

Does the High Stakes Pitch Kit (HSPK) offer enough ROI for your situation? Do you need to justify the investment to your boss?

Use the calculator below by:
1) Honestly assessing your team's pitch challenges
2) Entering the expected revenue for this contract / project being pitched
3) Entering your expected margin for this contract / project

(Important: the calculator does not collect or see these numbers or your contact info)

The Net Present Value (NPV) estimates the total value of using the HSPK in this situation.
[calculated as 'Increased likelihood of winning * Revenue * Margin']

The Return on Investment (ROI) estimates your return on your HSPK purchase
[calculated as '(NPV-HSPK price)/HSPK price']

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