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Best Deliberate Posts of Winter 2024 (Q1)

In case you missed them, here are the best Deliberate posts from the first three months of 2024. Organized by topic. Click on a link to read the post in LinkedIn

Deliberate Messaging

Posts on persuasive message development & delivery:

High Stakes Pitches:

  • The posts above apply to pitches

  • What about your pitch MESSAGE?

  • The posts below apply to pitches, too!


Symptoms of Common Presentation Problems:



Most folks know me for my messaging work. But I have an innovation management background too. For me, the two are closely linked: Both should have a specific audience,  be centered on the value proposition, and offer proof.


Symptoms of common innovation problems:



Travel tips, observations, and opinions.



I continue to highlight amazing people I know, sharing them with my broader network. If you see someone interesting, send them a connection request on LinkedIn. Or poke me for an introduction.


I was named a LinkedIn Top Voice on Presentation Skills. Okay, let’s break this one down a bit. Getting the badge simply comes down to adding a lot of responses to the LinkedIn collaborative articles on a specific topic. What is a collaborative article? An AI-driven topic that seeks “expert” feedback from the community. Why does LI do this? Probably to train their AI to build and monetize future products. I’m not impressed with the topics (some are ridiculous), the (current) AI recommendations, or much of the “expert” advice. It’s all pretty generic and conventional if not outright dumb. I participate for a few reasons: I can help people, it helps make new connections, and … a badge.


Holidays, special days, and what I take away from each:



Let me know. It's what I do.

And take a look at the tip sheets you can buy & download:

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