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Best Posts: Summer 2021

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Another quarter, another collection of Deliberate's best posts. Click on the links to see our latest thinking.

Common Presentation Problems

This series identified recurring problems we see in different types of presentations:

While some problems (weak messaging, lack of practice) affect all presentations, some are very specific (leadership presentations being too directive, team presentations lacking Q&A discipline).

If your team is struggling to engage and influence your audiences, look for some of these root problems. Try the advice offered. Get them into a workshop.

Corporate Storytelling

We explore why so many presenters look so angry - and why audiences deserve better.

To be effective you have to be selective. That's why Message Strategy is so important.

Important pitch coming up? Then stop educating and start motivating your audience.

Deliberate Events: Feedback and Reviews

Battle of the Best Frame. This time, I lost and Cheryl won. Our customer came out on top. (most popular post this quarter)

We worked on a HUGE client pitch that had 19 presenters on 3 continents pitching over 5 hours. We're proud of them... and appreciate their fantastic feedback.

Review of the open enrollment Virtual Corporate Storytelling Workshop in July.


Meeting of the Minds with Niko Kobiakovskyi.

One More Thing

Interview with the Persuasion Pros podcast where we discussed persuasive sales messaging, knowledge management, and a bunch of other stuff.

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