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So What?

It's one thing to say the Corporate Storytelling Workshop will help your team be more persuasive, effective and efficient.

It's another to demonstrate that it works and your team needs it.

Corporate  Storytelling works

Workshop graduates
have experienced:

  • >600% ROTI (Return on Training Investment)

  • Accelerated sales cycles

  • Less time preparing slide decks

  • Less stress preparing and delivering presentations


A software company more than doubled revenue after requiring all customer-facing presenters to use the Storyboard after taking the Corporate Storytelling Workshop


This workshop was exactly what I needed to help with the Regulatory training I need to do. Since rules and regulation is such a hard subject to keep the audiences attention I know this will help. I have never had a work shop that has the potential to help me like this one has.

Why do you need it?  Why now?

Researchers found that technical employees (engineers, geologists, etc.) are hired based on their technical skills… but retained and promoted based on their soft skills. Two of the five most important soft skills were oral and written communication – skills sharpened during the Corporate Storytelling Workshop.


Respondents to a survey by the Society of Petroleum Engineers and BP said:

  • Communication skills are the most important skill for a successful career.

  • The net positive score (% agree minus % disagree) for communication skill development coming out of university is only 13%

  • 53%  said lack of training and development opportunities would lead them consider leaving an employer

Does your team suffer symptoms of poor message strategy ?

Your audiences 

comment on the number of slides in your presentation
(and not in a good way)

Your audience doesn’t remember the key topics you covered

You deliver the same slide deck to the same client multiple times… and the sale doesn’t seem to advance

After your presentation your client says “that makes sense”… but doesn't make the decision to buy or act

Your presenters cannot identify a tangible, reasonable and measurable action they want from their audience

The methods taught and tools included in the Articulus Corporate Storytelling Workshop enable attendees to develop not just an effective message strategy but all the ingredients needed for a compelling message.

Not sure if Corporate Storytelling is right for you and your organization?

Contact us! We can talk about your situation and explore if we have a good fit. If we can’t help you, we want you to find someone that can.

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