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SFC Schuyler Haynes

Because stories are powerful, we should tell stories to remind ourselves and others of what is important - not just at work but in our lives overall.

In the US the last Monday in May is called Memorial Day. Most Americans get the day off from work. And many Americans associate the holiday with picnics, barbecues and the start of summer vacation season. That last bit breaks my heart.

The holiday originated after the American Civil War and was used to decorate the graves of soldiers that died in the conflict. Today Memorial Day represents all service members that lost their lives while in uniform.

As a veteran, the day holds deep significance for me and others that have served. It’s awkward when people thank us for our service this weekend. We made it home. Please save your thanks for those that sacrificed their lives – and for the families they left behind.

This Memorial Day I am thinking about Sergeant First Class Schuyler Haynes. I served with Schuyler a dozen years before he gave his life in Iraq. He was a professional. He was smart. He was a role model. He was a good man. He represented the best of us.

He is remembered.

He is missed.

SFC Haynes

Learn more about SFC Haynes here and here.

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