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2018 @ Deliberate

One of the great things about consulting & training is that I build relationships with a lot of different people, in different companies & industries, in different places.

So I like sharing what's going on behind the scenes at Deliberate. 2018 was interesting:

  • Activity, events, sales, and interest are up - all good things!

  • First event outside the US

  • Launched a new event: Advanced Corporate Storytelling Skills workshop (another open enrollment event is coming up in June 2019)

  • The Oil & Gas industry is coming back to life (from a training perspective) - Hooray! - just not as quickly or strongly as I anticipated

  • Increased Social Media activity

  • Recently implemented a CRM system... still lots to learn

  • Continued to work with the good folks @ Articulus - FYI: there are some neat things coming

My deep thanks to everyone that helped make 2018 a good year.

I'm looking forward to 2019!


2018 to 2019

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