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Best Posts of 2021

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

It was a busy year. 106 posts. 65K+ views. Here are the most popular posts (and my favorite posts that I wish were more popular) by category:


Collaborating on Frames (TKO)

This was the most popular Deliberate Post of 2021. Was it the image? The snarky back-and-forth commentary? The message? Probably all three.

Best Ads

This was the second most popular Deliberate Post of 2021. Inspired by a LinkedIn article, this post has links to four fantastic advertisements (two short commercials from EDS, two short films from Johnny Walker) with fantastic delivery and storytelling.

May the Fourth (Bad Corporate Storytelling Jedi Quotes)

Who doesn’t love a combination of Star Wars, bad puns, and Corporate Storytelling?


Beware RBF. The presenter sets the energy level for the audience.

Message Strategy is like a packing list

It is important to make good choices and prioritize when packing for a trip… or preparing your presentation.

Paying Attention

Paying attention is hard. Don’t make it harder. Some things to consider.

“My team is more worried about winning the argument than…”

Sound familiar? If so, that’s a problem.

Dealing with phones

When presenting, you’re competing with cell phones for audience attention. Some tips to consider.

When pitching, stop educating and start motivating

Once the proposal is in and you get to pitch, you have to stop educating and focus on motivating.

Worst presentation practices

Fun discussion sharing really crappy presentation practices.

Condensing slides makes it harder to digest

Do you combine slides in order to have fewer slides? Stop it. Stop it now.

Halloween 2021

Now that is scary.



Was Edison the lone genius inventor of legend? No. But he was a genius at…

Share: Gary V insight

Love him or hate him, he has some profound insights.

Share: Trade secrets & paper towns

Shared an interesting article on protecting intellectual property.


Memorial Day

What I was thinking about on Memorial Day.

Friday Margaritas

Got some blowback on this one… maybe it belongs on Facebook, but it was the fourth most popular post last year. My take: stuff like this humanizes the poster. And this human likes margaritas.

Podcast Interviews

On Another Track

First podcast interview. Been talking with David ever since.

Persuasion Pros

Second podcast interview.

Workshop Insights

Insight: CSW as Team Building

Workshops do more than develop skills. They help build teams.

Insight: Benefits of workshop for single team

Specific benefits of putting a team through a workshop together.

Event Reviews & Lessons Learnt

Posts reviewing workshops or consulting events and lessons learned.





‘Common Problems’ Series

This series discusses common problems in different type of presentations.

Common Probs: Technical Presentations

Common Probs: Sales Presentations

Common Probs: Leadership Presentations

Common Probs: Team Presentations

Common Probs: Remote Presentations

‘Broken Frames’ Series:

If you’ve been through a workshop, you learned how to use Frames to provide perspective and create interest. But sometimes Frames fail…usually due to user error. Here are some common causes that you can avoid:

Broken Frame 1: No perspective or POV

Broken Frame 2: Obvious perspective or POV

Broken Frame 3: No connection to benefits

Broken Frame 4: Same method again & again

Broken Frame 5: Too Long

Broken Frame 6: Poor Fit

Broken Frame 7: Quote errors

Broken Frame 8: Poor Delivery

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