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Best Posts: Winter 2021

Updated: May 2, 2021

Hello 2021! Here are the top posts from the first quarter:


In-Person events are back… Sort of

We had our first live Corporate Storytelling Workshop since COVID restrictions hit last year. Sort of. It was a hybrid event with some people there in person and some attending virtually. It was good but not as great as all-live or all-virtual events. Still, there were three big takeaways:

  1. There is an appetite for live events – it’s just a great experience with tons of peer interaction and stickier skill development.

  2. While the hybrid approach may not be optimal, it’s a solid alternative for organizations that can’t get all their people in the room.

  3. I really missed interacting directly with a group.

Here are five posts on observations and lessons learned on leading a hybrid event:

Hybrid CSW next week

Expectations going into the hybrid workshop

HCSW – Day 1 Lessons Learned

We had some hiccups on Day 1. Here's what we learned.

HCSW – Day 2 Lessons Learned

More lessons learned from delivering a hybrid workshop.

HCSW – Day 3 Lessons Learned

Even more lessons learned.

HCSW – Final Thoughts

A wrap up and summary of the hybrid event experiment, including recommendations on deciding between live, virtual, and hybrid events.

Corporate Storytelling

Clown car team presentations

Don't do this to your customer. Really. Don't.

Message first

Work on your message before your slides

Dense slides are harder to digest

Ping me if you want to discuss how 'lighten the cognitive load' in your slides

Worst presentation practices

Add to the discussion with examples of poor practices


Video: Confidence is contextual

Even seasoned presenters get anxiety sometimes

Give yourself some credit


Thomas Edison – Commercialization Genius

Where did he excel? It wasn't invention


Consensus ≠ Agreement

Related. Not the same


Virtual networking that I actually enjoy. Let me know if you want an invitation to join

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