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Best Posts: Spring 2021

Another quarter, another selection of Deliberate's best posts on LinkedIn, including two series: Broken Frames and Bad Paintings. Enjoy!

Messaging Matters

It's even harder over Zoom

Ever get objections from your audience? What's your plan?

It's a problem if your team cares more about the former

Great workshops can do more than build great skills... they can build stronger teams

Did an interview with 'On Another Track' where we spent a big chunk of the hour discussing persuasion and messaging

There are some powerful lessons we can learn from great ads - follow the links to watch some of my favorites

Important Dates

May the Fourth (Be With You)

With plenty of bad Corporate Storytelling Jedi quotes, this was Deliberate's most popular post this quarter

The next Corporate Storytelling Workshop is scheduled for the week of July 26. It's open enrollment and virtual, so register that guy or gal that needs to up their message game

Series: Bad Paintings

A little over ten (!) years ago, I did a series of paintings to help me record some of the insights I had from doing a LOT of reading and research on innovation efforts. The paintings were a tangible way to get my thoughts down and have an artifact I could hang on my office wall that I could refer to.

Here are several posts sharing some of those painting:

Bonus: Good is Enemy of Great (down in the comments)

Series: Broken Frames

To create interest and help your audience quickly understand your point, we recommend using a frame. Done well, frames make a message sticky (memorable and persuasive).

Done poorly, they create confusion and damage credibility.

This series of posts identifies common poor practices and better alternatives.

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