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Best Posts: Autumn 2020

2020 was a long, weird year that required innovation and adjusting presentations to Zoom.

Here are the top LinkedIn posts from the quarter by broad category:


Virtual Presentations & Meetings

Hardware and software options to diagram during a virtual presentation

Should you present your slides... or play a recording of you presenting your slides?

Lessons learned using a video tool to provide recorded coaching & feedback

Lessons learned when planning virtual meetings and presentations

I really miss seeing "side eyes" during presentations


Message Structure

Just because you have an hour to present doesn't mean you need to use all 60 minutes

5 minute video on avoiding 'book report' style presentations


Sales Messaging

Big sales pitches are still happening - Should you get help?

Why it happens, why it's a problem, and suggested actions to take

Review of a recent open-enrollment virtual Corporate Storytelling Workshop


Getting Out of the (Home) Office

It's harder to network in a virtual environment. This post has tips and good discussion in the comments.

Quick review of an interesting, wide-ranging conversation I had in person over adult beverages. Had a LOT of views.

Just a quick note on being thankful for getting out of the house for a quick vacation. Again, had a LOT of views.

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