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Best Posts: Autumn 2020

2020 was a long, weird year that required innovation and adjusting presentations to Zoom.

Here are the top LinkedIn posts from the quarter by broad category:


Virtual Presentations & Meetings

"How did you draw on your screen like that?"

Hardware and software options to diagram during a virtual presentation

Pros and cons of recorded presentations

Should you present your slides... or play a recording of you presenting your slides?

Asynchronous coaching

Lessons learned using a video tool to provide recorded coaching & feedback

Virtual event planning

Lessons learned when planning virtual meetings and presentations

Missing body language

I really miss seeing "side eyes" during presentations


Message Structure

Give time back to your audience

Just because you have an hour to present doesn't mean you need to use all 60 minutes

Stop giving book reports at work!

5 minute video on avoiding 'book report' style presentations


Sales Messaging

Deal coaching

Big sales pitches are still happening - Should you get help?

Sales professionals won't discuss what they don't know

Why it happens, why it's a problem, and suggested actions to take

Event review

Review of a recent open-enrollment virtual Corporate Storytelling Workshop


Getting Out of the (Home) Office

Networking virtually

It's harder to network in a virtual environment. This post has tips and good discussion in the comments.

Meet up

Quick review of an interesting, wide-ranging conversation I had in person over adult beverages. Had a LOT of views.


Just a quick note on being thankful for getting out of the house for a quick vacation. Again, had a LOT of views.

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