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Corporate Storytelling Drives Decisions

Corporate Storytelling

Corporate Storytelling is communication using the elements of persuasion to change the perspective of the audience in order to drive a specific decision.

Those elements of persuasion include:

  • Micro stories to create perspective, maintain interest, and improve understanding

  • Emotion through audience-focused benefits

  • Logic through a mix of relevant evidence

  • Strategic selection of topics and content

When a communicator does that every time they engage their audience they can:

  • Increase sales

  • Increase adoption

  • Earn commitment

  • Create advocates

  • Shorten the decision cycle

Deliberate helps you communicate persuasively through:

Training to develop Corporate Storytellers on your team.

Consulting events to work with your team to develop and deliver a specific, critical message.

Not Corporate Storytelling

Corporate Storytelling is NOT:

  • Campfire stories (AKA long narratives that eventually link to your business or idea)

  • Fairytales (AKA entertainment)

  • War stories (AKA personal stories that don't help the listener make decisions on the current topic) 

  • THE Story (AKA a single story to use in any/every communication - but fitting few specific situations well)

  • User Stories (AKA agile development stories used to define customer requirements)

  • A visual theme for a slide deck

These other types of stories have their appropriate time and place. But it's not when you're in front of a room trying to drive decisions and action.


Interview with David Wilson from the 'On Another Track' podcast

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