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Ten tips to be deliberate

So what?

Being deliberate is easier said than done. Here are ten tips:

  1. Understand you can't include everything in your message or plan

  2. Start with your end goal in mind – and work backwards through critical activities

  3. Ask yourself what you need to know to support each critical activity - and then figure out how to discover that information

  4. Frequently ask your team (and yourself) “So what?” or "Who cares?" about your content and features - if you can't get to an economic benefit to your consumers, it may not be as important as you thought

  5. Identify, understand and work towards delivering the key benefits that underpin your solution, idea, and/or message

  6. Use tools or processes that prompt you to include key elements and prioritize content. Examples:

  • the Storyboard and message strategy table taught in the Corporate Storytelling Workshop

  • an innovation maturity model (are your organizational innovation capabilities balanced?)

  • a robust idea review process

  1. Seek outside perspective to question your assumptions

  2. Find help to facilitate critical events and messages – so that you can focus on the collaboration, not the planning

  3. When presenting, determine - and stick to - your Minimum Viable Message (MVM

  4. Recognize that every time you say "yes" that you are also saying "no" to something else - and adjust your choices to make sure the critical things get your "yes"

Need help? Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

Who cares?

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