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The Power of Feedback

My colleagues and I work with a lot of people all over the world. Meeting some great people and gaining insight into different cultures, industries and companies really makes my job as a Corporate Storyteller exciting and fulfilling.

Sometimes I get unsolicited feedback from someone that went through our workshop or worked on a project with me. Feedback is a gift – it’s an opportunity to improve, to validate or invalidate my content, or to (re)connect with the people I have met.

Sometimes that feedback makes me laugh. Yesterday I re-discovered a diagram that Cathy McGrane drew for me after a workshop last year… that highlights how to draw a more effective diagram. It made me smile when she gave it to me then. It made me smile when I found it yesterday. And it reminds me that I made an impact.

So make a habit of getting feedback and acting on it. Even more importantly, make a habit of GIVING feedback to others – whether it’s a quick email, a formal recommendation on LinkedIn or a hand-drawn diagram inspired by Breaking Bad. You might just make their day.

Breaking Bad Diagram

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