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Deliberate Consulting 101

Deliberate Consulting LLC launched this week and I know a lot of you are curious about it. While this will probably sound familiar to those that know me well, here’s a quick introduction… let’s call it Deliberate Consulting 101.

Drive or Fly?

Imagine you need to travel to an unfamiliar city next week for an important business event. To get there on time with the right materials, you have a lot of options:

  • Drive or fly

  • Route

  • Time

  • Budget

  • Materials required

There are some great tools to help: Google maps, GPS, flight schedules, etc. It also helps to get some guidance from others (“you’ll probably need a car to get to dinner the first night” and “I heard there may be construction on the highway this week”). While there are plenty of options, in order to meet the goal of getting there on time, deliberate decisions need to be made.

Businesses and organizations have goals, too. Usually big goals that combat big, hairy challenges. To attain those goals as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible, it’s critical to make deliberate decisions up front and take deliberate action along the way. That is easier to do with access to expert guidance, processes/tools and an outside perspective.

Deliberate Consulting LLC was created to provide guidance, processes and perspective to businesses that want to be more deliberate in setting and attaining their goals. Specifically we provide consulting services and corporate storytelling training.

Corporate storytelling is all about delivering a message that persuades the audience to make a decision and take action on your ideas or solutions. It’s not telling a single story or crafting a long, complicated narrative. Persuasive messages and presentations have specific ingredients delivered in a specific way. That means the messenger must be very, very deliberate in what to include – and exclude – in their message.

We deliver a workshop that develops Corporate Storytellers in you organization that can:

  • Set and attain message goals

  • Address the audience’s emotional and logical needs to make a decision

  • Make the message interesting, relevant and authentic

  • Focus the message on the audience

  • Follow a process to ensure all critical message ingredients are included in every presentation

The typical workshop is three days and includes lecture, exercises, hand-on delivery practice and expert coaching.

Deliberate Consulting has licensed the Corporate Storytelling Workshop content from our partners at Articulus. Our instructors are all certified by Articulus and have years of experience delivering the workshop.

Graduates of the workshop have experienced outcomes like:

  • 695% Return on Training Investment

  • 117% increase in YOY sales revenue

  • Less time needed to develop and deliver superior presentations

Driving success in business usually requires:

  • Working on the right things

  • Clarifying goals, opportunities and challenges

  • Testing assumptions

  • Developing a plan

  • Building consensus

  • Pitching to stakeholders

  • Rolling out new products, programs or initiatives

Each of these activities can benefit from the experienced guidance, processes and outside perspective Deliberate Consulting provides. We are ready to consult on critical message or innovation efforts. As the team and network grows, we may add other practice areas.

What’s Next

I’ll share news, additional perspective and links to content from the thought leaders that keep my fire lit.

If you have questions or feedback, visit the website or contact me. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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