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Are you really good at something? Are you sharing it with anyone?

My daughter and I went to go see Star Wars: The Last Jedi this week. Love it or hate it, they know how to tell a story.

I won't take this opportunity to segue into a SW:TLJ related pitch. No "5 tips to presenting like a Jedi"... or "How frames are (and aren't) like Jedi Mind Tricks"... or "You don't need cuddly aliens or robots to tell a compelling story"

But I do have this: One of the things I like about all the Star Wars films is the mentor theme.

Are you really good at something? Do you have an insight or perspective (or even product) you can share that would help others be better at [______]?

Whether you sell it or give it away, if what you offer can truly help others... I encourage you to go offer it.

Become the mentor or coach or trusted advisor that someone needs at this particular point in time.


This isn't the picture you were looking for...

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