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Longest Day of the Year / Longest Presentation of the Year

I lived in Alaska for eight wonderful years. I still miss it.

One funny thing about Northerners (past and present) is that they know the dates of longest and shortest days of the year.

Because the shortest day means that Spring is on the way, even if you won't get to enjoy it for another five months.

And the longest day, in all it's sunny glory... means that days will start getting shorter and Winter is Coming.

Yeah, like in Game of Thrones.

Today is the longest day of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere).

Let's celebrate with a PowerPoint presentation!!!

Then we can make it feel like the longest day for our audience. Or at least the longest two hours.

The Problem

Too many people equate a Presentation with PowerPoint (or Prezi or Keynote or...). As a result they tend to fill it with information. Lots of information. Too much information. They spend almost all their prep time on building or rearranging slides. And the typical results:

  • There's too much content

  • It's boring

  • It seems to drag on for an eternity

  • It's quickly forgotten

  • It doesn't drive any decisions (beyond "I want to escape" or "Good thing I brought my phone so I can check my email while I sit here.")

Ugh. How many slides do you see like this?

A Better Way

Recognize that slides are intended to visually support the messenger- not be the message. Focus on the message first, then select the content needed to support it, and then practice it.

Done properly:

  • There is far less content - but all of it has a point and makes an impact

  • It's interesting

  • Key points are remembered

  • The audience can make a decision at the end

  • It doesn't feel like an eternity

So whether you are presenting on longest day of the year or the shortest... Don't make your presentation feel like an eternity to your audience. Don't make your slide deck your focus. Focus on your message instead.

Let me know if you want to learn how.

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