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My Innovation Heroes

Superheroes... Image via Wix

I enjoy watching superhero movies. They're fun. They can provide some new perspectives. And they are often very clever - laying the seeds for plot twists that may not bear fruit for years (when that fifth movie comes out).

This might help explain why I also enjoy innovation - and innovators - so much.

Innovators tend to be fun. They conceive and communicate new perspectives. And beyond being very clever, they also tend to play a much longer game with major bangs that are years in the making.

And I've learned a lot from them.

I'd like to share some of my Innovation Heroes so you can learn from them too.

Hugely Influential Researchers & Authors:

Innovation Practitioners that Make Shit Happen:

William Singleton

Charlie Landis

Rob Wilkinson

Innovation Thought Leaders:

Luke Hohmann @ Conteneo

Mike Maddock @ Maddock Douglas

Tom Rideout @ Blue Rocket

Jon Fredrickson @ InnoCentive

Stefan Lindegaard @ Transform XO

Steve Faktor @ IdeaFaktory

Making this list was harder than I expected. For one thing, I wanted to keep each category to three people - clearly I was overwhelmed with Thought Leaders. For another, many of these gurus could be put into at least two categories (for example: Maddock and Hohmann both have great books). At least I avoided listing famous innovators I've never read or met in person!

If you're interested in Innovation, look these folks up.

And since I love to keep learning... who makes YOUR list?

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