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It doesn't have to be pretty to generate interest: Deliberate Consulting art

I notice I get more views for posts that use original drawings or images.

That's because people are visual animals.

And drawings, even crappy ones like mine, feel more authentic than stock photos (though I use a lot of those, too).

Here's some of my Deliberate Consulting art from the last 18 months or so. Enjoy!

This isn't the image you're l

Competitive advantage & parity

Benefit Statements shouldn't be BS

I only get nervous when...

Bullet points suck

small talk

Innovation Funnels in Practice

Impact of Practice

The need for soft skills
Don't hide behind your presentation shield

The things you notice in others' presentations

Don't ignore your best presenters' development

Weapons of Mass Distraction

Stop!! That won't work here!!

You have to practice out loud!

MVM: Minimum Viable Message

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