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Top Posts of 2018

Remember the old fable of the ant and the grasshopper? The grasshopper played all summer while the ant worked to store food... and in the end the ant survived the winter while the grasshopper starved.

I felt a bit like the social media ant this year.

That silly old Social Media Ant

I made a formal effort to post more this year. It's been productive but the effort reinforced the need to think ahead and build a backlog of content to cover those days/weeks where I was tired or out of ideas. Thank you Brian Conner for getting me to think in terms of editorial calendars.

In any case, it looks like I'll make it through winter. So I'd like to share my horde of posts from this year. Enjoy!

12 Most Popular Posts:

  1. Don't neglect your great presenters

  2. My innovation heroes

  3. What will you do different this year?

  4. ATCE is coming!

  5. It doesn't have to be pretty to generate interest: Deliberate's art from last 18 months

  6. An Uber story

  7. Open ACSS announcement

  8. Longest day / presentation of the year

  9. Update: Corporate Storytelling in Holland

  10. Update: Corporate Storytelling in Chicago

  11. Bullets or Blanks?

  12. Public speaking doesn't scare me unless...

6 Underappreciated Posts

Posts that didn't get as many views as they deserved (I admit I may be a bit biased):

  1. You NEED to practice OUT LOUD

  2. Corporate BS generator

  3. Quit hiding behind your presentation shield

  4. To get teams to use their new skills, support learners AFTER training

  5. Innovation funnels

  6. Soft skills are increasingly important but decreasingly developed

Shoot me a note if you have any topics you'd like me to address or questions to answer in 2019.

- Kev

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