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Best Posts: Q1 2020

We are posting our lastest thinking on LinkedIn.

And great stuff is getting posted All. The. Time.

Here’s a selection of posts from the first three months of 2020:


Top Posts

A lot has happened (COVID-19, the economic shock, collapse of Oil) since the next open-enrollment events were scheduled.

Time and budget for training may be hard to get approved but advocacy, sales, change management, and leadership are more important than ever. Learning a communication process to drive decisions helps. A lot.

This was posted in response to an article beating up on PowerPoint.

While I'm not a giant PowerPoint fan, I disagree with the article. Strongly.

Read the comments!

We see the world through different lenses. When developing your message, keep multiple behavioral lenses in mind. In this series of posts, make sure to read the comments:


Impacts of Coronavirus / Work from Home

Most of us are working from home due to COVID-19. So I’m donating coaching time through the end of April to help my connections:

  • - Prepare and/or practice delivering an important message

  • - Make remote presentations more engaging and impactful

  • - Build their personal brand on LinkedIn

  • - Review the Storyboard process (for graduates of the Articulus Corporate Storytelling Workshop)

  • - Manage public speaking anxiety

  • - Review innovation practices

Email me at to schedule a time to talk.

I think we’ve all seen the variations on the ‘flatten the curve’ diagram on social media. It’s a great frame… but my perspective is that it’s being abused.

Yep. Stay-at-home orders make it hard to have meetings and strengthen relationships.

Modern problems require modern solutions.

Lots of good advice for working from home is being posted on LinkedIn.

Here are my tips.

And seriously - kids or dogs making background noise is not the end of the world.

This is a re-post of an article written last year. Get ready to go on the sales offensive to save your business once Stay-at-Home orders are lifted.

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