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What is worth a million words?

"A picture is worth a thousand words"... we've all heard that before.

My friend and colleague Michael Bloor (here @ Deliberate and @ iQ3Connect) once told me "immersive environments are worth a thousand pictures."

That's because immersive environments are more than visual, they are experiential and therefore more interesting, memorable, and often times emotional.

Read this article on Embodied Lab's use of VR that allows caregivers to experience life from the perspective of someone afflicted with Alzheimer's.

Not only is their solution experiential... it's very emotional.

Then ask yourself: "What am I - and my organization - doing to create relevant experiences and emotion for our customers or employees to help them learn, grow, decide, and act?"

These are concepts key to real Corporate Storytelling.

Generic VR pic... read the article to see a video on what Embodied Labs is doing.

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