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To get our teams to use their new skills, we need to support learners AFTER training

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Training is intended to develop skills that deliver positive impacts on the organization.

But that requires the learners actually USE their new skills when the get back to work.

From my experience, there are several critical factors in employees using their new skills on the job:

  1. The training is relevant to their role

  2. The training includes how the new skills will personally benefit the learner

  3. The learner is confident in their ability to apply the new skills

  4. The learner applies the new skills "in the wild" soon after returning to work

  5. Manager support

  6. Ongoing engagement

Those last three factors are BIG ONES - and they happen AFTER the training event!

If you're a manager, here are ways to support your team and get the largest return on your investment:

  1. Ask them to describe what they learned and how they can use it on the job

  2. Make it clear you expect them to use what they learned ASAP

  3. Hold them accountable for using their new skills

  4. Provide clear, constructive feedback on these skills when you see them used

If you're a trainer, here a few ways to engage learners and their managers after the event:

  1. Offer access to ongoing coaching

  2. Provide content to refresh and reinforce what was learned

  3. Arm managers by showing them what their team learned and how to support learners. This can be done through conversations, short sessions for managers, or short videos like this

What do you think?

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