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Symptom of a sick message strategy: Death by PowerPoint

Death by PowerPoint - Only 73 slides to go!

Why it's a problem:

  • Critical points are drowned out by the sheer volume of content

  • Audience is overwhelmed and loses interest

  • Audience doesn't make a decision

Confirmation: The audience mentions it Potential cause(s):

  • Lack of an effective message strategy, specifically:

  • Failure to assess audience needs

  • Failure to prioritize

  • Equating a presentation with a document

  • A single slide deck designed for multiple audiences and situations


  • Recognize documents are meant to be read; Slides are meant to visually support your presentation

  • Use tools (like the Storyboard and the Message Strategy Exercise) to develop and execute your message strategy

  • Training on persuasive messaging (like the Articulus Corporate Storytelling Workshop)

  • Give me a shout - I'm always happy to discuss

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