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What if my boss doesn't 'get' Corporate Storytelling?

Once someone has been through the Articulus Corporate Storytelling Workshop, they 'get' Corporate Storytelling - what it is and how it can help them persuade others.

They understand the process and the science behind it. They have seen Corporate Storytelling in action. And they have practiced it themselves.

But if they go back to their job and their boss doesn't 'get it', they can lose confidence to be different.

If they don't have the confidence to use what they learned, they will lose out on better outcomes (increased sales, faster decision cycles, improved engagement, etc.) - which are the reasons for attending the CSW!

This guy doesn't get it (shutterstock_165243950)

From our experience, managers are the #1 factor in Corporate Storytellers using their new skills 'out in the wild.'

So what do you do if YOUR boss doesn't 'get it'?

Advocate for their support. These can help (listed from easiest to most impactful):

  • Show them this short video

  • Have them read this post

  • Show them your Storyboard and explain your decisions on what to include (and exclude) and practice your presentation with them

  • Let's have a call so I can explain the benefits, describe the Storyboarding process, and answer their questions

  • Get them to attend the workshop

Good luck! I'm here to help if you need it.

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