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Where have the blog posts gone? Here!

This blog has been a bit empty lately.

Empty exhibition space. Pic courtesy of Wix.

That's because I've shifted most of my writing to LinkedIn for a few key reasons:

  • It's easier

  • The 'seamless' integration of writing once and posting multiple places doesn't quite match reality... and I end up spending a lot more time formatting

  • LinkedIn generates more eyes and a lot more engagement

That said, I recognize that visitors to the Deliberate Consulting site deserve to see recent activity and latest thinking.

To bridge the gap, I will post 'best of' compilations here with easy links to the original posts on LI.

Here is the first batch:

Build or buy?

Or: When should you hire a consultant?

People talking. Courtesy of Wix.

The presentation just earns you the right to have the conversation

Diagram basic shapes

If not, stop making excuses. Don't let perfect get in the way of being great.

Stock photo of some random presenter. Courtesy of Wix.

There was some spirited discussion on this one...

A handsome fellow talking about objections

Preparing for objections

(six part video series):

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