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Best Posts: Q4 2019

Looking at stuff. Deep thinking. Photo courtesy of Wix.

We shifted to sharing our latest thinking on social media.

And great stuff is getting posted All. The. Time.

Here’s a selection of the best posts from the last three months of 2019:

Screen grab from unboxing video

If the CSW came in box, what would that look like? Watch this short video to see us “open the box”.

Bad drawing of corporate antibodies

Your org's business model is optimized to:

  • deliver your current solutions

  • kill or contain any idea or offering that is truly different

Chalkboard with multiple languages. Photo courtesy of Wix.

It’s really hard.

Please don't let that stop you.

The audience recognizes – and respects – your effort.

In high-stakes presentations, the Client often gives the presenting team some guidance. What do they mean? What flexibility does the presenting team have? Here are some thoughts.

Dog wearing comedy glasses. Image courtesy of Wix.

Harvard Business Review had an article arguing the credibility of women suffers when employing humor in a presentation.

I strongly disagree – and found the argument deeply flawed. As did others based on the spirited discussion that followed.

Read my post. Read the article. Read the comments for both.

Bottom line: Women (and men) can benefit from humor. But it has to be relevant and authentic.

Churchill giving a speech.

Let’s celebrate Churchill’s birthday by remembering his wit, wisdom, and transformative communication.

Audience members. Image courtesy of Wix.

Have a presentation coming up that has a larger audience than you're accustomed to - like a conference, townhall meeting, or sales kickoff? Here are some differences and tips to have more impact.

Where's the Deliberate channel? Image courtesy of Wix.

We added a new page dedicated to Deliberate videos.

They're short (~3 minutes each).

They focus on corporate storytelling.

And we'll continue to add more.

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