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Don't Neglect Your Great Presenters

"Who benefits the most from this training?"

This is a common question I get from clients when discussing the Articulus Corporate Storytelling Workshop. My answer often surprises them:

"Your already-great presenters."

This isn't entirely accurate; it really answers who benefits the organization most by taking the workshop. Isn't that what managers really care about?

Don't get me wrong. We can help almost any presenter improve the way they develop and deliver a persuasive message. That's important to individual development and organizational performance. That's why we do what we do.

We help marginal presenters become good, good presenters become great, and great presenters become exceptional.

Mind-blowing graphic showing relative persausiveness and impact on audience reaction.

Improving persuasive messaging skills shifts an audience's reaction from "OMG. I am so glad this presentation is over" toward "Wow. What else can they do to help me?"

From a manager's perspective, the biggest change they see is when an employee goes from marginal to good. There is an obvious improvement in both what they present and how they present it.

The difference between a great presenter and an exceptional presenter is subtle. The visible delivery may not change much if at all - the great presenter already has the confident body language, knows how to work the room, and can maintain interest. But the exceptional presenter also has a message that is deliberate in structure to focus on what's needed for the audience to make a decision... and to omit anything that doesn't ('the noise').

While the change is subtle, the impact on the audience - and the business - is huge.

That is because top performers deliver outsized outcomes (sales, KPIs, etc.) compared to their peers. To do that they must already have great communication skills. Any improvement has a material impact.

It's like the Olympics. Moving from 12th place to 5th place is a bigger improvement. Moving from Silver to Gold is monumental.

To develop your team and drive your business, you need to improve ALL your presenters - but make sure your team also wins the Gold.

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