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15 things Corporate Storytellers will likely notice in other presenters' presentations

Once you have been through the Articulus Corporate Storytelling Workshop, you will watch others' presentations through a different lens. Presentations become a spectator sport!

Whether or not the presenter uses the Storyboard, here are 15 specific things you are likely to notice:

Diagram - What they say & How they say it

What they say (their message):

1. If the presenter tailors their message for the specific audience

2. If their message makes sense and the audience could follow along

3. How they frame their ideas (if at all) - and if it is compelling

4. If the benefits or value start in the audience's world... or the presenter's world

5. If the topics are clear and obvious to the whole room

6. If there is a mix of relevant evidence

7. If there is a clear, confident call to action

How they say or share it (their delivery):

8. At what point the presenter introduced themselves

9. If the evidence was shared in a variety of ways and with impact

10. How the message was summarized

11. If there was dialog at the end - or just an opportunity to ask questions

12. If there was a slide up at all times - or only when the presenter was referring to specific content

13. If there were many (or any) bullet points

14. How quickly they spoke

15. If there was any distracting movement or body language

Did I miss something you always seem to notice? Let me know in the comments!

Need to boost your team's persuasive presentation skills? Give me a shout. I can help!

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