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Symptom of a sick message strategy: Multiple presentations but NO progress

Multiple presentations... but no progress

Do you or your team keep giving the same presentation but not seem to make any progress?

If so, you may be suffering from a sick message strategy.

Why it's a problem:

  • Takes longer to get a decision (purchase, engagement, commitment, approval, etc.)

  • High potential NO decision is ever made

  • Everyone is getting frustrated

  • Everyone's time is being wasted (including the presenter)


  • The audience mentions it's (basically or exactly) the same presentation as last time

  • More than half the content was previously presented to the same audience

  • The only decision made is "have the next meeting"

Potential cause(s):

  • Lack of an effective message strategy, specifically:

  • Failure to assess audience needs

  • Failure to prioritize content

  • Failure to define a realistic goal for the presentation

  • Failure to customize content

  • Lack of persuasive message ingredients (interest, emotion, mix of evidence)

  • Weak or missing Call to Action


  • Recognize that anything that doesn't help a SPECIFIC audience make a SPECIFIC decision should NOT be included in this SPECIFIC presentation

  • Have a specific, confident, realistic Call to Action

  • Don't wing it

  • Use tools (like the Storyboard and the Message Strategy Exercise) to develop and execute your message strategy

  • Training on persuasive messaging (like the Articulus Corporate Storytelling Workshop)

  • Give me a shout - I'm always happy to discuss

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