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Symptom of a sick message strategy: Same basic content as your competitor

If you simply changed the logos and product names in your slide deck, could it pass as a presentation given by your competitor?

If so, you may be suffering from a sick message strategy.

Symptom: Same content as the competition

Why it's a problem:

  • It takes longer to get a decision (purchase, engagement, commitment, approval, etc.)

  • People make decisions based on differences rather than similarities

  • If the offering/idea isn't perceived as different, the audience will likely default to:

  • No change at all

  • Lowest price (who wants to win there?)

  • Presentation lacks differentiation in:

  • the message

  • offerings / recommendations themselves

  • selection of topic(s)

  • key benefit claims


  • The audience mentions it's (basically) the same presentation as the competitor's

  • Most (or all) of the benefits and functionality mentioned can be claimed by the competitor too

Potential cause(s):

  • Lack of an effective message strategy, specifically:

  • Failure to assess audience needs

  • Failure to consider what's different about the topic

  • Failure to identify real competition (competitor or status quo)

  • Failure to select and customize content based on differentiation


  • Recognize the audience has to perceive a difference to make a decision

  • Don't wing it

  • Use tools (like the Storyboard and the Message Strategy Exercise) to develop and execute your message strategy

  • Training on persuasive messaging

  • Give me a shout - I'm always happy to discuss

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